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We are an internationally renowned training academy for organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals. We work with trainers and consultants from across the globe who have an incredibly diverse skill set to help you grow as an organisation or as an individual.



Kingston Global Institue - Dubai
Kingston Global Institue Logo

Kingston Global Institute – Dubai

Kingston Global Institute is the regional office for Kingston Business Academy UK, delivering a wide range of professional programs across the Middle East. We pride ourselves on our quality programs and trainers, which are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Kingston Aviation Academy Logo
Kingston Aviation Academy Logo

Kingston Aviation Academy – Uk

Kingston Aviation Academy is one of the leading aviation training providers in the United Kingdom. We offer a wide range of courses for both pilots and air traffic controllers, as well as ground support staff. Our courses are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and quality, and delivered by experienced instructors who are passionate about aviation.

Kingston Genius Children Academy Logo
Kingston Genius Children Academy Logo

Kingston Genius Children Academy

Kingston Genius Children Academy is specialising in developing creativity and innovation, and mind set skills for children, teachers, trainers and consultants. We offer a variety of services including workshops, online courses, consulting and coaching.

Kingston Entrepreneur Academy Logo

Kingston Entrepreneur Academy

The Kingston Entrepreneur Academy is organisation that helps people in the local community to start and grow their own businesses. We offer a range of services, including business advice, mentoring, training courses and networking events.

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Kingston Graphics Club Logo

Kingston Graphics Club

A Kingston-based graphic design club founded in 2021 provides a collaborative environment for designers, illustrators, and visual artists to learn, exchange ideas, and network in the industry.

Kingston Fashion Club

The Kingston Fashion Club, founded in 2021, is a community of fashion enthusiasts, aspiring professionals, and designers in Kingston, UK. The club offers a creative platform for showcasing work, collaboration, and building industry connections.

Kingston I.T. & Programmers Club Logo

Kingston I.T. & Programmers Club

Tech club in Kingston, UK, founded in 2021, provides an engaging environment for IT specialists, programmers, and enthusiasts to learn, exchange ideas, and build industry connections.

Kingston Translation Club

Kingston Translation Club

The Kingston Translators Club, founded in 2021, is a community of language enthusiasts, professional translators, and linguists in Kingston, UK. The club offers a supportive environment for sharing knowledge, honing skills, and building industry relationships for those passionate about languages and translation.

Kingston Photography Club

The Kingston Photography Club, established in 2020, is a community of photography enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals in picturesque Kingston, UK. The club offers a nurturing environment for learning, sharing, and skill-building while fostering industry connections.

Kingston Crazy Club

The Kingston Crazy Club, founded in 2021, is a vibrant community of unconventional thinkers, visionaries, and innovative minds in Kingston, UK. Join us to challenge conventions, exchange ideas, and build relationships with like-minded individuals passionate about groundbreaking thinking.

Kingston Robots & A.I. Club

The Kingston Robots & AI Club, established in 2016, is a community of technology enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals in dynamic Kingston, UK. The club offers a collaborative environment for learning, exchanging ideas, & skill-building in robotics & artificial intelligence (AI).

Kingston Coaching Club Logo

Kingston Coaching Club

The Kingston Coaching Club, founded in 2021, is a community of professional coaches, aspiring coaches, and personal and professional development enthusiasts in lively Kingston, UK. The club offers a nurturing environment for learning, sharing experiences, and refining coaching skills while building industry connections.

Kingston Solar Energy Club

The Kingston Solar Energy Club, founded in 2021, is a community of solar energy professionals, eco-conscious individuals, and renewable energy advocates in Kingston, UK. The club offers a platform for learning, idea exchange, and promoting clean energy adoption while building industry connections.

Our Partners

We have a network of powerful partners in our successful journey.

Hamdan Innovation Incubator
Hamdan Innovation Incubator
Dubai SME Logo
Dubai SME
Companies House Logo
Companies House
Knowledge & Human Development Authority
Sharjah Empowerment Foundation Logo
Sharjah Empowerment Foundation
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Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy

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